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Breakaway regions in ex-U.S.S.R.

Transdnestr referendum reaction to de facto blockade-FM Lavrov
14:46 15/09/2006 A referendum in Transdnestr, a self-proclaimed republic
in Moldova, is a response to a de facto blockade that is damaging the
region's economy, Russia's foreign minister said Friday.

4 killed in shootout in Georgia-S. Ossetia conflict zone-1
13:54 08/09/2006 Four people have been killed in the conflict zone between
Georgia and its breakaway region of South Ossetia, the commander of the
Joint Peacekeeping Force said Friday.

Breakaway South Ossetia to hold presidential election Nov. 12
18:15 01/09/2006 The parliament of South Ossetia, a self-proclaimed
republic in Georgia, has fixed the date of presidential elections for
November 12, the breakaway region's information and press committee said

Azerbaijan, Armenia to hold talks on Nagorno-Karabakh
12:06 01/09/2006 The foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia may meet
in mid-September to outline principles for resolving a long-running
territorial dispute, the Azeri media said Friday.

South Ossetia to hold independence referendum this year
14:21 30/08/2006 South Ossetia, a breakaway province in Georgia, will most
likely hold a referendum on its independence by the end of the year, the
self-proclaimed North Caucasus republic's president said Wednesday.

Russia wants common approach over Kosovo, frozen conflicts
12:45 30/08/2006 Russia insists that a common approach be taken to
resolving the problem of Kosovo and other regional, "frozen" conflicts, a
deputy foreign minister said Wednesday.

Russian, Moldovan presidents discuss Transdnestr in Moscow -1
14:38 08/08/2006 The presidents of Russia and Moldova met Tuesday in
Moscow to discuss the resolution of a conflict with Moldova's breakaway
republic of Transdnestr.

Georgian PM says no talks with armed group in breakaway Abkhazia
11:24 25/07/2006 Georgia's prime minister said Tuesday talks with a former
presidential envoy who leads an outlawed battalion in the only
Tbilisi-controlled area in the northwestern breakaway region of Abkhazia
were impossible.

Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia's Kodori Gorge on high alert
20:17 24/07/2006 Two checkpoints of Russian peacekeepers in the Kodori
Gorge in Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia have been put on high
alert over fears of escalating tensions, a peacekeeper said Monday.

Peacekeeper calls on Georgia, S.Ossetia to avoid provocations
19:45 24/07/2006 "The situation in the conflict zone is not stable. The
Georgian military's illegal flights over the conflict area, registered by
our peacekeepers today and yesterday, do not boost optimism. I am calling
on the parties to the conflict once again to avoid provocations to prevent
a sharp aggravation of the situation," Marat Kulakhmetov said.

Russia ready to help peacekeepers in Abkhazia, S.Ossetia
18:49 24/07/2006

Georgia rules out use of force in South Ossetia - minister
11:00 21/07/2006 Georgia's government is not planning any military action
in a conflict zone with the breakaway region of South Ossetia, the defense
minister said Friday.

Georgia may spark war in S.Ossetia Russian FM Lavrov tells paper
12:36 20/07/2006 Georgia might be preparing to use force in its breakaway
region of South Ossetia, Russia's foreign minister said in an interview
with Russian daily Kommersant Thursday.

Transdnestr may send peacekeepers to breakaway Georgia regions
20:50 19/07/2006

Georgia sabotaging resolution in S. Ossetia, Abkhazia - Lavrov
17:20 19/07/2006 Georgia is deliberately disrupting mechanisms designed to
resolve conflicts with breakaway republics on its territory, Russia's
foreign minister said Wednesday.

Abkhazia against replacing Russian peacekeepers, warns of war
14:18 19/07/2006

Abkhazia says Georgian peacekeeper resolution a way to war
13:38 19/07/2006 The parliament of Georgia's self-proclaimed Abkhazian
republic issued a statement Wednesday saying that a Georgian decision to

expel Russian peacekeepers from the conflict zone could lead to war.
Georgian leader calls Abkhazian referendum plan provocation
00:36 17/07/2006

Breakaway regions in ex-U.S.S.R. form joint peacekeeping force
19:02 24/06/2006

Russia backs Transdnestr interests in conflict with Moldova - FM
17:24 24/06/2006

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