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English Language Learning

English language learners (ELLs) are among the most academically at-risk groups in
our schools today and their numbers will rise steadily in the near future. On
average, ELL students receive lower grades, score below their classmates on
standardized reading and mathematics tests, and are often judged by their teachers
as academic "underachievers." The What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) review focuses on
interventions designed to improve the English language literacy and/or academic
achievement of elementary school students who are English language learners.

This WWC review focuses on ELL elementary school students, meaning the intervention
is offered to students in K-6 classrooms. In addition, curricula are being
characterized based on whether they target special subpopulations of children
(e.g., learning disabled, language impaired, ESL). The review could include studies
in which students may no longer be considered limited English proficient by the
school, but where students still possess limited English language skills. Students
who no longer are considered limited English proficient, but who were considered
ELL in the preceding two school years, often possess limited English language
proficiency. Therefore, findings for such students are of high value for teachers
and administrators.

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