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I assume you are Hind Amel Mostari, and you have already published in
'Language Problems and Language Planning', which was a sensible choice.
The two current papers don't seem to be about policy, though.

A paper on university slang (I advise using the non-count 'slang' rather
than the count form, by the way) seems to me to be more in the area of
dialectology, though I suppose the arguments you make may change what
paper would be suitable. I'm not sure about this one.

The code-switching suggests Journal of 'Multilingual and Multicultural
Development', 'International Journal of Bilingualism', or 'Language in
Society', I think. Have a look at them, if you can, to get an idea of
the sort of papers they have, and so that you can make your paper follow
their stylesheet.


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hi everybody ; 
I am an algerian  sociolinguist , 
i have actually written two papers on :
- the youth slangs used among university students in Sidi bel Abbes (
Algeria ) 
- About the sociolinguistic differences between two dialects used in two
differents regions in Algeria 

So , which journals do you suggest i should contact to submit my papers 
best regards 

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