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Language Problems and Language Planning
Volume Number: 30
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2006

Main Text:

Language Problems and Language Planning 30:2

2006. 120 pp.

Table of contents

Articles / Articulos / Aufstze / Artikoloj

Ideology and alphabets in the former USSR
Mark Sebba 99-125
Language and socio-economic development: Towards a theoretical framework
John Walsh 127-148
Polticas lingsticas de sculos passados nos dias de hoje: O dilema sobre a
educao bilnge no norte do Uruguai
Ana Maria Carvalho 149-171

Interlinguistics / Interlingstica / Interlinguistik / Interlingvistiko

Esperanto and Chinese anarchism in the 1920s and 1930s
Gotelind Mller-Saini and Gregor Benton 173-192

Reviews / Crticas / Rezensionen / Recenzoj

Luciano Canepari. A Handbook of Phonetics
Reviewed by Daniele Vitali 193-195
Jacques Maurais and Michael A. Morris (eds.). Languages in a globalising
Reviewed by Haitao Liu 195-198
Francois Grin. L'enseignement des langues etrangeres comme politique
Crtica per Renato Corsetti 198-203
John E. Joseph. Language and Identity: National, Ethnic, Religious
Critica per Tazio Carlevaro 203-206
Anja Janoschka. Web Advertising: New Forms of Communication on the
Reviewed by Robert N. St. Clair 206-208
Umberto Broccatelli (con la collaborazione di Vessella Nino). Dizionario
Esperanto-Italiano Italiano-Esperanto
Critica per Federico Gobbo 208-211
Gunilla Anderman and Margaret Rogers (eds.). In and Out of English: For
for Worse?
Reviewed by John Algeo 211-213


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