Karnataka: Teachers' Association wants Horatti to step down

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HUBLI: The Karnataka State High School Assistant Teachers' Association has
urged the Primary and Secondary Education Minister Basavaraj Horatti to
tender his resignation, in the light of government's decision to derecognise
1,420 English medium schools for violating language rules. Addressing a
press conference here on Sunday, senior vice-president of the Association, K
V Raichur said derecognising English medium schools was an'irrational' and
'unscientific' decision. He said rehabilitation of about five lakh students
and thousands teachers was practically an impossible task' for the

"Horatti who was elected to the council by teachers, has completely
forgotten the problems of the teaching community and it is evident with the
harsh decisions he is pursuing against the teachers," he pointed out. He
said, as per law, the government's move to derecognise English medium
schools was illegal. No one would support the schools which had been
derecognised for violating language rules, however, the language policy
declared in 1994 would not come under the purview of the Education Act 1983,
he said, adding that, the government and the Education Minister should take
note of the same.

When asked as to why the education department kept quiet even after knowing
that the schools were violating law, he said, "Horatti should have drawn the
attention of the government toward the problem, long back." He advised the
government to fine erring educational institutions and continue their
permission to the institutions.
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