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The following selection of messages may be of interest to lgpolicy-list

18.1001, Review: Sociolinguistics:  Oakes; Warren (2007)

  1) From:      Eleni Sideri < eliej73 at >
     Subject:   Language, Citizenship and Identity in Quebec

18.1002, Books: Sociolinguistics:  Bermel

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Linguistic Authority, Language Ideology, and Metaphor: Bermel

18.1003, TOC: Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development 28/2 (2007)

  1) From:      Kathryn King < marketing at >
     Subject:   Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development Vol 28, No 2 (2007)

18.1011, Calls: Socioling/Austria

  2) From:      Meryem Sen < meryem.sen at >
     Subject:   Identity, Authenticity, and Speech Community

18.1013, Calls: Socioling/Cameroon

  1) From:      Zachée Denis Bitjja Kody < bitjaa_kody at >
     Subject:   Universités Francophones et Diversité Linguistique


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