Bangalore: Approval for 2,215 derecognised schools

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Approval for 2,215 derecognised schools

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Errant institutions have to pay fine, abide by language policy in four

BANGALORE: The State Government has given its approval to 2,215 primary
schools which were given notice of de-recognition on charges of flouting
the language policy. The schools, which had obtained permission to impart
education in Kannada, were running English-medium schools on the sly.
Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Basavaraj Horatti took a firm
stand last year that the schools concerned should close down irrespective
of the difficulties to be faced by children and their parents. The State
Cabinet, which met here on Thursday, ratified the proposal of a Cabinet
Subcommittee, including imposing a penalty on the schools that violated
the language policy.  However, the schools concerned have to impart
education in Kannada for students admitted to the first standard from the
coming academic year and progressively introduce it to the second, third
and fourth standards over the next three years. The schools concerned have
to abide by the language policy in four years.

The Cabinet also approved the penalty to be imposed on such schools. The
schools in rural areas have to pay a fine of Rs. 25,000, those in smaller
towns and two-tier cities a fine of Rs. 50,000 and those in major cities a
fine of Rs. 1 lakh. Mr. Horatti had earlier indicated that he was firm
that all schools abided by the language policy and he would not be a party
to any relaxation. The subcommittee however, felt the Government should
issue a fresh deadline for the total implementation of the language


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