"Headlines from the Heartland: Reinventing the Hindi Public Sphefre"

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Reinventing the Hindi Public Sphere 
SEVANTI NINAN Media Analyst and Newspaper Columnist, New Delhi 

   Published       : April  2007
   Pages             : 320                        Size  : Demy: 5.5" x 8.5"
   Imprint           : SAGE India 

India, Nepal, Bhutan (INR)   Rs 395
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the    Maldives  (USD) $ 9 
ISBN 9780761935803

    About the Book 

In the 1990s, a newspaper revolution began blowing across northern and
central India. When literacy levels rose, communications expanded, and
purchasing power climbed in these Hindi-speaking states, newspapers
followed—picking up readers in small towns and villages. Even while these
newspapers surged to the top of national readership charts, they localised
furiously in the race for readers. But in this universe of local news,
questions arose about what localisation was doing to regional identity and

Using notes from her pioneering field-study in eight states, Sevanti Ninan
brilliantly brings alive India’s ongoing Hindi newspaper revolution, and its
impact on politics, administration and society. Set against the
socio-economic and political changes in the countryside, it is a remarkable
story of how journalism flowered in unexpected and unorthodox ways, and
colourful media marketing unfurled in the Hindi heartland. 

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