Update of "Linguistically Homogeneous vs Heterogenous Polities"?

Christina Paulston paulston+ at pitt.edu
Sun Apr 22 21:14:46 UTC 2007

You might look at Fishman's "Empirical Explorations of two Popular 
Assumptions: Inter-Polity Perspective on the Relationship between 
Linguistic Heterogeneity, Civil Strife, and Per Capita Gross National 
Product" in Paulston and Tucker, eds. in Sociolinguistics:The Essential 
Readings, Blackwells, 2003.  I find it a really empirically elegant 
article. Christina Paulston
On Apr 21, 2007, at 5:22 PM, Don Osborn wrote:

> Is there any retake or update on Joshua Fishman's (classic?) article
> comparing/contrasting linguistically homogeneous and heterogeneous
> countries? I apologize for the broad and ill-informed question. There 
> does
> however seem to be an actively ongoing set of assumptions on many 
> levels
> (development experts, government officials, etc.) in many parts of the 
> world
> that many languages in a society is the source of various problems, 
> not the
> least of which is a low level of or potential for economic development.
> Thanks in advance for any feedback.
> Don Osborn
> Fishman, Joshua A. 1968. "Some Contrasts Between Linguistically 
> Homogeneous
> and Linguistically Heterogeneous Polities." In Joshua A. Fishman, et 
> al,
> eds. _Language Problems of Developing Nations_. New York: John Wiley & 
> Sons.
> Pp.  53-68.

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