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Harold Schiffman hfsclpp at
Mon Apr 23 19:29:24 UTC 2007


Because of a vast increase in the amount of spam I receive daily, I have
decided to "migrate"
to a different email system from which I will send out postings to the
lgpolicy-list. You may
continue to post messages at lgpolicy-list at, but they will
be forwarded to me
at this address (hfsclpp at and hopefully, all spam will be deleted.
This new email is
therefore MY new email address as far as lgpolicy-list is concerned, so if
you send a message
to it, I will forward it to the list.
As always, sending a message to the lgpolicy-list is merely intended as a
service to its members
and implies neither approval, confirmation nor agreement by the owner or
sponsor of the list as to the veracity of a message's contents. Members who
disagree with a message are encouraged to post a rebuttal.

Harold F. Schiffman, Manager/List-Owner.
hfsclpp at
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