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Language Problems & Language Planning

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Volume 25, Number 2, January 2002

Table of Contents:

 Confronting the languages of statehood: Theoretical and historical
frameworks for the analysis of the multilingual identity of the Russian
Jewish intelligentsia in Isra pp. 121-143(23)  Authors: Kheimets N.G.;
Epstein A.D.

 Amenagement et politique linguistiques: La politique des langues au Benin
pp. 145-166(22)  Author: Halaoui N.

 Linguistic imperialism?: The status of English in Cyprus pp. 167-176(10)
Author: Papapavlou A.N.

 The lady, the linguists, and the international language pp. 177-184(8)
Author: Fettes M.

 Crtica de Malintzin: Bilingismo y alfabetizacion en la Sierra de Tlaxcala
(Mexico) de Norbert Francis pp. 185-187(3)  Author: Wagner L.

 Review of Languages in Britain and Ireland by Glanville Price (ed.)  pp.
187-189(3)  Author: Algeo J.

 Review of Linguistic Diversity by Daniel Nettle pp. 189-192(4)  Author:
Tonkin H.

 Review of Language Death by David Crystal and of Vanishing Voices: The
Extinction of the Worlds Languages by Daniel Nettle and Suzanne Romaine
pp. 192-201(10)  Author: Maffi L.

 Review of Historia de los pueblos indegenas de Mexico. Letras sobre
voces.  Multilingismo a traves de la historia by Barbara Cifuentes pp.
201-208(8)  Author: Hidalgo M.

 Review of Talk, work and institutional order: Discourse in medical,
mediation and management settings by Srikant Sarangi and Celia Roberts
(eds.)  pp. 208-211(4)  Author: Nuessel F.

 Review of Broken English: The Creole Language of Carriacou by Ronald F.
Kephart pp. 211-212(2)  Author: Clair R.N.S.

 Review of Language policy and identity politics in the United States by
Ronald Schmidt, Sr.  pp. 213-215(3)  Author: Rojas N.

 Review of Research on Spanish in the United States: Linguistic issues and
challenges by Ana Roca (ed.)  pp. 215-217(3)  Author: Nuessel F.;jsessionid=a1lzzdua16tx.henrietta


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