Psst, buddy, wanna save a buck? Stop speaking English

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>Psst, buddy, wanna save a buck?  Stop speaking English --
>English is fast becoming the national language 
>of Europe, but not everyone approves.  A German 
>scientist wants to restore German at least as 
>the language of science in Europe, and a Swiss 
>linguist claims that dropping English for 
>Esperanto could save Europe an easy $34 billion a year.Â
>Five hundred years ago Europe shook off the yoke 
>of Latin, and vernacular languages 
>thrived.  But now, laments the German 
>biophysicist Stefan Klein, English is the new 
>Latin, poised to take over not just Europe but 
>the world (“Dumber in English,” July 12, 
>2007,  According to Klein, 
>the goal of science is to improve the world and, 
>forgetting Germany’s fatal attempt to improve 
>it through eugenics, he would like to make the 
>world a better place by requiring German science 
>students to take their exams in German and 
>“encouraging” German scientists to use their 
>native language if they want to their grants renewed.
>The Swiss linguist François Grin has an even 
>grander scheme to get the European Community off 
>the English-only bandwagon.  Grin is well aware 
>that talk is not cheap, that Europe, with 23 
>official languages, spends a large chunk of its 
>budget on expensive and wasteful 
>translation.  But the expanding role of English 
>means that Europe is pouring over 17 billion 
>euros a year into British coffers for such 
>things as translation services and  English 
>lessons, and Grin sees no reason for the British 
>to get rich this way (L'enseignement des langues 
>étrangères comme politique publique, 2005, 
> Â
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