8th Internat'l Conf. on Lang & Devt, Tshwane/Pretoria, 2007/10/1-3

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08th international conference on language and development


Date: 1 to 3 October 2007

Venue: University of South Africa, Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa



The aims are to:


* Discuss and debate matters pertaining to language, education and

* Identify key areas for collaborative projects and interventions;

* Constitute core teams to pursue collaborative projects;

* Develop joint working and funding proposals. 


About the conference


Language is knowledge. Language is power. Language is a key driver in
development - in thesocial, cultural, educational and economic domains. Yet,
despite international initiatives to address education, poverty, gender
equality, disease, civil conflict and economic growth, millions of people
across the globe are marginalized. They exist on the fringe of survival and
are denied access to basic necessities which could obviate their suffering
and bring new hope.

What role does language play in development?


What role can language play in addressing urgent global demands? How do we
reconcile language development, the hegemony of English, the formation of
national identities, demands for democratization and liberalization, and the
recognition of individual and cultural rights in a global context? How can
language practitioners, educationalists, development specialists and the
like, from across the world, collaborate to make a tangible difference to
increasing access to knowledge through the development of language?


The University of South Africa - in association with the Trustees of the
Language and Development Conference Series - invite applications from
governments, academics, researchers, NGOs, and activists to participate in
the 8th International Conference on Language and Development from 1 to 3
October 2007.


This International Conference will take the following form:


* Plenary presentations;

* Individual papers addressing the key themes; 

* Workshop sessions.


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