Punjab: Pak writer blames Brits for causing rift through language

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Punjab News

Pak writer blames Brits for causing rift through language

Amritsar, Aug 16: Through British rulers fanned communalism in Punjab
and divided people on the basis of language the sub-continent was
still suffering due to the imperialist policy, according to eminent
Pakistani writer Maqsood Sakib. However, it was a matter of pride that
Punjab had preserved its rich traditional cultural heritage, said Mr
Sakib, who along with another writer Col. Nadir Ali, was here at the
Guru Nanak Dev University to interact with the faculty and students of
Punjabi Studies in a face-to-face programme today.

Talking about establishing cordial and peaceful relations between
India and Pakistan, Mr Sakib said the people of both the countries
wanted peace and were eager to meet each other frequently without any
restriction. Mr Sakib is the first Punjabi writer who had been
honoured with Bhai Vir Singh Puraskar by Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan.

Col Nadir Ali, said Punjabi has an 800- year- old heritage from Baba
Farid to Ghulam Farid and there was a rich tradition, which reached us
through the great Gurus, who wrote for the welfare of the humanity. He
regretted that Punjabi language in Pakistan could not achieve a
respectable place but in Indian Punjab, teaching, learning and
studying Punjabi was a ''mission.''

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