Las Vegas: Obama begins airing Spanish-language ad on radio

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Sat Aug 18 16:20:51 UTC 2007

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has begun
airing a Spanish-language ad on radio stations in Nevada, introducing
himself as a "son of a foreign father." The 60-second ad, the campaign's
first media buy in the state, emphasizes Obama's religious affiliation, his
call for unity and his father's background as a Kenyan who moved to the
United States to study. "As a son of a foreign father who came to this
country looking for a better life, Barack Obama learned that differences do
not divide, but rather enrich," the ad says.

Hispanics make up nearly a quarter of the population in Nevada and are
expected to be a key voting bloc for Democrats competing in the state's Jan.
19 caucus, the second in the nation. "If you still want to know more, let us
tell you Barack Obama is a Christian man committed to our community, his
wife and his daughters," it says in Spanish. The ad is running on stations
in Las Vegas and Reno. In July, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson was the
first Democrat in the field to launch radio ads, both in English and
Spanish, in Nevada.

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