TOC: JMMD, Vol. 28, No. 4, 2007

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Sun Aug 19 16:47:53 UTC 2007

 Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development
Volume Number: 28
Issue Number: 4
Issue Date: 2007

Main Text:

Shifting Language Attitudes in Linguistically Diverse Learning Environment in
South Africa
Bongi Bangeni and Rochelle Kapp

Innu Oral Dominance Meets Schooling: New Data on Outcomes
Barbara Burnaby and David Philpott

Familiarising the Stranger: Immigrant Perceptions of Cross-cultural Interaction
and Bicultural Identity
Haley De Korne, Michael Byram and Michael Fleming

Singlish in the School: An Impediment or a Resource?
Rani Rubdy

Linguistic Human Rights and Mobility
Lionel Wee

Book Reviews
┬┐Que Onda?: Urban Youth Culture and Border Identity
Natives Making Nation: Gender, Indigeneity and the State in the Andes
Ethnic Conflict: A Global Perspective
Sociolinguistics: The Study of Speakers' Choices
The Gypsy Debate: Can Discourse Control?
Rendering the Regional: Local Language in Contemporary Chinese Media
Age in L2 Acquisition and Teaching
The Future of Society

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