TOC: Language in Society, Vol. 36, No. 4, 2007

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Language in Society 36,4 (2007)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Language in Society
Volume Number: 36
Issue Number: 4
Issue Date: 2007

Strategic Bivalency in Latin and Spanish in Early Modern Spain
Kathryn Woolard, E. Nicholas Genovese

Enregisterment and Appropriation in Javanese-Indonesian Bilingual Talk
Zane Goebel

Sexuality in Context: Variation and the sociolinguistic perception of
Erez Levon

Multiple Ideologies and Competing Discourses: Language shift in Tlaxcala,
Jacqueline Messing

"A Place Between Places": Language and identities in a border town
Carmen Llamas

Book Reviews

Graham Furniss, Orality: The power of the spoken word.
Aaron Mushengyezi

Fèlix Martí, Paul Ortega, Itziar Idiazabal, Andoni Barreña, Patxi Juaristi,
Carme Junyent, Belen Uranga & Estibaliz Amorrortu (Eds), Words and Worlds:
languages review.
Shelley Tulloch

Randall Holme, Literacy: An introduction
Christina Davidson

Raymond Hickey (Ed), Legacies of Colonial English
Rajend Mesthrie

Greg Myers, Matters of Opinion: Talking about public issues
Joanna Thornborrow

Geoffrey Sampson, The "Language Instinct" Debate
Michael Toolan

Thomas Ricento (Ed), An Introduction to Language Policy: Theory and method
Francis Hult

Boyd Davis, Alzheimer Talk, Text and Context: Enhancing communication
Vaidehi Ramanathan

Kees de Bot and Sinfree Makoni, Language and Aging in Multilingual Contexts
Boyd Davis

Mike Baynham and Anna de Fina (Eds), Dislocations/Relocations: Narratives of

Andreea Deciu Ritivoi

Book Notes

Ousseina Alidou, Engaging Modernity: Muslim women and the politics of agency
postcolonial Niger
Liliya Karimova

Christopher J. Hall, An Introduction to Language and Linguistics: Breaking
language spell
Madalena Cruz-Ferreira

Coulter H. George, Expressions of Agency in Ancient Greek
Lukas Tsitsipis

Martin J. Ball (Ed), Clinical Sociolinguistics
Margaret Blake

Kate Burridge, Weeds in the Garden of Words: Further observations on the
history of the English language
Margaret Blake

Stephen J. Caldas, Raising Bilingual-Biliterate Children in Monolingual
Simona Montanari

Alison Sealey and Bob Carter, Applied linguistics as Social Science
Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini

Fred Genesee, Katheryn Lindholm-Leary, William M. Saunders, and Donna
(Eds), Educating English Language Learners: A synthesis of research evidence

Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini

Kory Floyd, Communicating Affection: Interpersonal behaviour and social
Taru Ijäs

Publications Received (Through 30 March 2007)
Taru Ijäs

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