German Universities See Sharp Drop in Number of Professors

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August 27, 2007
German Universities See Sharp Drop in Number of Professors

New data from Germany's federal statistics office indicate that the
number of professors at German universities declined sharply from 1995
to 2000. The German Association of University Professors and Lecturers
analyzed the government figures and found that 663 faculty openings in
the fields of linguistics and cultural studies had been left vacant
during the 10-year period, representing a decline in the number of
professors in those fields of 11.6 percent. Moreover, 1,451 faculty
posts had been eliminated outright.

Bernhard Kempen, president of the faculty association, called for the
government to reinstate the positions that had been cut, saying in a
written statement that the current ratio of 60 students to each
professor hindered the international competitiveness of German
universities. —Aisha Labi


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