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Language policy for Manipur

Published by kuffir August 26th, 2007 in North East and Language.

Ragongning Gangmei proposes a new language policy for Manipur 'with a
view to equally safeguarding and promoting' all the distinct languages
spoken by the 33 different tribes living in the State:

What is language to a native community? It shall be unfair on our part
only to look at the face value and simply conclude that language is a
medium of communication. There are many and many more in it. We have
to see the language from every side. Language is an absolutely
important and special to a native people/community. It is true that
language is the integral part of life of a native people and it is
their intimate possession remaining with them not only in their spoken
and written words, but also in their thoughts and dreams. It is
running through their blood and vein. Therefore, language is
emotionally associated with the native people. It is their identity,
privilege and sustenance. It is the God-inspired and most powerful
asset of the peopleā€¦

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