Dharamsala (India); I know myself and my government much better now!

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Sat Jan 6 20:57:46 UTC 2007

I know myself and my government much better now!

TPPRC[Friday, January 05, 2007 10:55]

"I have never paid much attention in understanding my government or its
policies, now I know my government and I know what I can do for my
country... "As someone who is part of this family, I can say I understand
my family now. This workshop is an eye opener... "I always believed the
government is disorganized, inefficient and corrupt, after the visits to
all the offices and the lectures, now I am in a position to explain to
others that our exiled government is efficient, organized and is guided by
the principles of truth, non-violence and genuine democracy...

"In my school, I never gave any importance to the Tibetan Language, now I
know how important it is our language to preserve our identity. I fully
endorse the new education policy and I promise to give more importance to
our language... "I have problem communicating with others, now I have made
lots of new friends... "I always lacked the courage to stand up and speak,
I got up many times in this workshop and in future, I am not going to
let-go opportunities to express myself...

"I always thought the Tibetan Government in exile is very rich, now I know
we depend on foreign contribution and we all should request our friends
and family in the west to pay the kya-trel and contribute more... "We know
His Holiness is a great leader, now we know why he is a great leader...
"Testimony of Singing Nuns Rigzin Chonyi and Lhundrup Sangmo is very
inspiring. Similar talks should be held in all the schools and colleges...
"I have been thinking as to what could be the solution to raise the level
of political awareness in the Tibetan community. This workshop is the
right medicine for this malaise...

"I have been to Dharamsala several times but never once visited the
departments. I have always considered it out of bounds. It is not so...
"Our youth are considered future political leaders, but there is a vacuum
in political education in school. This workshop fills that gap... "This
workshop changed my plans for future... "I learnt more in 9 days than the
last six-seven years... "Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred
times..." These were some of the common observations made by class XI
students who participated at the workshop organized by International
Campaign for Tibet, Europe (ICT) and Tibetan Parliamentary and Policy
Research Centre (TPPRC) at Dharamsala from 25 December 2006 to 2 January
2007. 79 students and 17 teachers from 19 schools across Nepal and India
participated at this annual workshop.

The students had the occasion to listen to and interact with, Tsogtso
Karma Choephel, Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche, Tsogshon Dolma Gyari, Kalon
Thubten Lungrik, Kalon Tempa Tsering, Tsog-sur Pema Jungney, Kasur Tenzin
Geychey Teythong, Geshe Lhagdor, Ngawang Choephel Dragmargyapon, leaders
of TYC, TWA, Gu-Chu-Sum including Lhadon Tethong of SFT. The participants
also interacted with heads of Nechung, Namgyal Monastery, Men-Tsee-Khang,
Saraha Institute, Norbulingka, Sherab Gatsel Lobling besides visiting all
the governmental and non-governmental institution in and around



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