Pennsylvania: Carroll Valley takes no action on language

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Carroll Valley takes no action on language

Evening Sun Reporter
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The Carroll Valley Borough Council opted Tuesday not to vote for a
resolution penned by a resident declaring English the borough's official
language, but it also opted not to vote against it. Council President
Thomas Wolf called the decision, or lack thereof "no action, nothing
considered." Or, as Councilman Daniel Patton put it, "If it ain't broke,
don't fix it."

The resolution, written by resident Sam DeLaurence, declared its purpose
was "to help immigrants better assimilate and take full advantage of
economic and occupational opportunities" in Carroll Valley. It also said
immigrants would be empowered to become responsible citizens by learning
English, and the policy would promote efficiency and fairness to residents
of Carroll Valley. DeLaurence modeled it after the recent English language
resolution in Taneytown, Md.

DeLaurence did not attend Tuesday's meeting, and had no comment on the
council's decision when reached by telephone afterward. His resolution
would have restricted the borough to use only English in official
documents. Councilman John Van Volkenburgh said he saw no need to enact
any language restrictions unless "having to translate documents to
Romanian or Yugoslavian or whatever" would cause the borough financial
hardship. Councilman Steven Semiatin said the resolution would "send the
wrong symbol, the wrong message."

Wolf, who admitted to once contributing money to a national movement to
declare English the official language, said "We don't have a need for this
in Carroll Valley." He added he now throws away letters from the person
who solicited his support for the national campaign. Wolf said that any
member of the council could bring the resolution back for discussion at
any meeting. However, none of the council members spoke in favor of it.


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