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Discourses of Endangerment: Ideology and interest in the defence of
Series Title: Advances in Sociolinguistics
Published: 2007
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd

Book URL:

Editor: Alexandre Duchene
Editor: Monica Heller

Current academic discussions and public debates frequently focus on the
importance of defending languages against various kinds of dangers. Many
focus on defending institutionalized languages against multilingualism, or
conversely defending minority languages against the incursion of larger
ones. This book challenges such a view, to argue that the discussions in
question are not about language itself, but rather that we are witnessing,
on the terrain of language, ideological struggles which are centrally
about the position of nation states and of minorities in the new
globalized world order. Covering a wide-range of languages from different
sociolinguistic perspectives, this book is essential reading for academics
interested in language endangerment and sociolinguistics.

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