Australia: Leftist policies pave kids' road to hell

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Sat Jul 21 19:14:54 UTC 2007

On 7/21/07 12:11 PM, "Felecia Briscoe" <Felecia.Briscoe at> wrote:

> ³...The main means by which class stratification is maintained and social
> progress impeded is not by direct and conscious oppressive behaviour by
> privileged classes.²
I wonder about this. Certainly here in the US, the privileged are quite
aware of their privilege and consciously promote policies (like corporate
welfare, tax cuts on capital gains and elimination of the estate tax, as
well as continued opposition to labor unions, national health care,
universal free education, etc.) that help maintain and extend their
privilege at the expense of others. Perhaps the Australian elite are less
conscious, but somehow, I¹m skeptical.

There are some other things I find disturbing about the article, however,
this being a list for linguists, I¹ll stop now.


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