Workshop on language diversity

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Workshop on Language Diversity
Short Title: CIL18

Date: 21-Jul-2008 - 26-Jul-2008
Location: Seoul, Korea, South
Contact Person: Kayo Nagai
Meeting Email:
Web Site:

Call Deadline: 31-Aug-2007

Meeting Description:

A workshop on Language Diversity: From the Perspective of Descriptive
will be held in conjunction with the 18th International Congress of Linguists
(CIL 18).


Kayo Nagai
ILCAA Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Asahicho 3-11-1. Fuchu, Tokyo
180-8534 Japan
Tel: +81-42-330-5629

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on
less-described languages in order to look into various grammatical phenomena
that have been revealed in the course of fieldwork surveys, and to
contribute to
the enrichment of typological studies and theoretical linguistics. Most
languages of the world are minority languages that have not been properly
described to date. Theoretical linguists rely on data from such
less-investigated languages and, as is often the case, surveyors
approach native
speakers with theoretically biased questions that may sometimes be leading and
can elicit answers which are artificial or in some cases wrong. That is why
exposure to the practice of fieldwork and to the descriptive data of minority
languages is definitely beneficial to theoretical linguists who are
looking for some
real-world data, helping them to broaden their cross-linguistic perspective.
This workshop is intended to serve as a forum for field researchers to share
their views on data elicitation, recording, documentation, and other problems
related to descriptive studies. It will also be a place for exchanging
information with researchers working in other areas of linguistics.

Topics for potential papers are not restricted, if the presentation is based on
original primary data. Papers related to methodological issues are
also welcome.

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