Guam: Chamorro teachers plead their case

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Sat Jul 28 14:03:29 UTC 2007

Chamorro language teachers to get provisional certification

Chamorro language teachers pleaded their case during last night's meeting of
the Guam Education Policy Board regarding certification requirements. Former
school board member Rosa Palomo says that back in the 1970s since there
wasn't a degree program and that lawmakers essentially grandfathered
Chamorro teachers into the system through legislation. However all of that
changed in the late-90s when the law was updated so that they were required
to be fully certified.

Said Palomo, "If they are saying that the principals are the school leaders
then the principals are responsible for making sure that all of the teachers
are certified - that all of the teachers follow the professional protocol."
The board did adopt a policy last night with an amendment to allow temporary
certification of Chamorro teachers.

Also during the meeting, chief planner Wil Castro delivered a follow-up
report on the fourteen points of the Every Child is Entitled to An Adequate
Public Education Act where he did admit air conditioning in multiple schools
still is posing problems.
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