Karnataka: Adhere to norms or face action, erring schools told

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Fri Jun 1 13:42:55 UTC 2007

Adhere to norms or face action, erring schools told

DH News Service, Gulbarga:

Elaborate arrangements have been made by the department to ensure that the
schools adhere to the norms. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI)
has decided to strictly monitor the schools in order to make them teach
the language for which they have obtained permission and admit students
for the first standard in the same medium in the new academic year.

Strict action would be taken against the schools which violate the rules,
the department has stated. The Deputy Director of Public Instructions
(DDPI) conducted a meeting of block educational officers and other
officers for the effective implementation of language policy in schools.
Every school which has been found violating the language policy norm will
be adopted by an officer who will keep a constant vigil on the school
throughout the year. He will ensure that the school admitted students in
the language for which permission has been granted.

The measures evolved by the department to ensure strict adherence to the
language policy are: Every school will have to put up a banner in front of
the school stating in which language it was admitting students; The
adoption officer will have to inspect the school every day and a make
report to the DDPI on the implementation of the policy; The students shall
carry only those text books and language books for which permission has
been given and if any other books were found they would be confiscated;
The school adoption officer will be held responsible and accountable with
regard to the strict implementation of language policy by the school.



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