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  *Catalan Language News 19 - May 2007*        *WHO ARE WE?*
 The Catalan Language Observatory was set up in 2004 by cultural
organisations from all the Catalan-speaking lands, with the purpose of
monitoring the Catalan language rigorously and objectively.

 *The following organisations ar e members of the Observatory:*
· Acció Cultural del País Valencià <>
· Associació de Juristes per la llengua
· Casal Jaume I de Fraga <>
· Casal Jaume I de Perpinyà <>
· Centre Internacional Escarré per a les Minories Ètniques i les
· Centre Unesco de Catalunya <>
· Comitè de Seguiment de la Declaració Universal de Drets
· Consell de Col·legis d'Advocats de Catalunya <>
· Culturalnord <>
· Fundació Congrés de Cultura Catalana <>
· Institut Linguapax <>
· Obra Cultural Balear <>
· Observatori de la Universitat d'Alacant <>
· Omnium Cultural <>
· Omnium Cultural de l'Alguer <>
· Organització pel Multilingüisme <>
· Plataforma per la llengua <>

*With the support of:*
· Institute of Catalan
· Television of Catalonia <>
· IJLV <>- the Joan Lluís Vives Institute -, whose
members are the following universities:
- Abat Oliba CEU University<>
- Autonomous University of
- International University of Catalonia <>
- Jaume I University <>
- Miguel Hernández University <> (Elx)
- Open University of Catalonia <>
- Pompeu Fabra University <>
- Ramon Llull University <>
- Rovira i Virgili University <>
- Technical University of Catalonia <>
- Technical University of Valencia <>
- University of Alacant <>
- University of Andorra <>
- University of the Balearic Islands <>
- University of Barcelona <>
- University of Girona <>
- University of Lleida <>
- University of Perpinyà <>
- University of Valencia <>
- University of Vic <>

*With the support of:*



 Generalitat de Catalunya <> Government
of Catalonia
Govern de les Illes Balears <> Government
of the Balearic Islands
Generalitat Valenciana<http://http//>Government
of the Valencian Community
Parlament de Catalunya<,33596&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL>Parliament
of Catalonia
IEC <> Institute of Catalan Studies
institut Ramon Llull <>


Despite the small size of its potential market (10 million people), the
Catalan cultural world produces an extremely important number of periodical
publications which are grouped within the Association of Periodical
Publications in Catalan (APPEC <>) with more than 90
publishing houses publishing around 150 different magazines.

Together these are responsible for the publication of an average of 750,000
monthly publications with a readership of around about 2.5 million
throughout the Catalan speaking territories. To these figures we need to add
the Catalan daily and local newspapers, digital publications and other
publications of an academic nature, published by the universities. All in
all it is now possible for the Catalan speaking citizen to access all types
of information, whether that be local, general, technical or of any other
specialised nature in his or her own language. The majority of these
publications, even though they are readily available at newsstands or
bookshops, are usually purchased by subscription. The figures are relatively
high if we take into account the fact that under the Franco regime people
who are now older than 45 years of age were not able to learn Catalan at
school. Furthermore, being bilingual, the majority of these readers have
ready access to other publication s in Castilian, French or Italian with a
larger production, as well as a stronger distribution base.

Even so, in this market the existence of periodical publications in specific
or specialised themes is much more complex. Alongside the problems arising
from necessarily smaller levels of production we must also take into account
territorial fragmentation, difficulties in distribution and the challenges
of advertising and awareness. For this reason, the APPEC was created 1983
the two objectives: to contribute to the process of linguistic
standardisation and to defend the interests of those periodical publications
which belonged to the Association. APPEC then, has become the principal
group of written communication in Catalan drawing under its wing some 30
different thematic groups: agriculture and livestock, the decorative arts,
plastic arts, science, communication, associative organisations, culture and
society, popular culture, ecology, economy, outdoor education, the Scout
movement, sports, ethnic concerns, tramping, gastronomy, history,
publications, children and youth, general information, the environment,
international relations, politics, weddings, music and entertainment,
educational practices, religion, university, travel.

At the present time, the APPEC is considering the digitalisation of all its
associate publications. In doing so, it is taking a leading position amongst
the groups of communication which are pushing this form of publication, and
which will create access to our magazines throughout the world.



BC+R <>










  *EL TEMPS <>*

The weekly publication of general information published in Valencia, with a
wide distribution throughout the Catalan speaking territories


A magazine dealing with those educational social and cultural themes most
relevant in the present day. It presents monographics of educational themes
for teachers, interviews and educational book reviews, as well as reviews of
literature for children and adolescents and museum visits .


A magazine for youth related to the Catalan music scene, the latest pop and
rock, new releases, concerts, themes, social comment, cinema guides,
internet, design, sex. 100 pages plus a CD and DVD.

*L´AVENÇ <>*

A historical perspective of current themes, a critical contribution to
cultural debate in the country, information, opinion and studies relating to
understand the present through a critical understanding and reconstruction
of the past.

*NAT <>*

A magazine in which one can delve into the nature of our country with an
open view to the rest of the planet.

   <> <>

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