Native Voices Endowment Call for Proposals 2007

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Native Voices Endowment: Call for Proposals 2007

Native Voices Endowment
Call for Proposals 2007

This is the first year of the Endangered Language Fund's annual Native
Voices endowed grant program for work on some of the indigenous languages of
North America. This money comes from the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
Council, which received the revenue from the U.S. Mint's sale of the Lewis
and Clark 2004 Commemorative Coins.

We will accept proposals from members of eligible tribes along the historic
route of the 1804-1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition whose ancestors
experienced contact with the expedition, or whose ancestral homelands were
traversed by the expedition, or whose tribal customs or languages were
recorded by the expedition, including tribes who were removed to Oklahoma
subsequent to the expedition.

This year, the Native Voices Endowment grant program will make a total of
$75,000 available to enrolled tribal members, tribal government language
programs, tribal community language programs and tribal schools and
colleges. Proposals will be accepted for Native American language education
programs, individual study by Native American language students, and
research efforts to document and record Native American languages for future
preservation and education.

The RFP and a list of eligible tribes are available here: For more information, email

Nick Emlen
Endangered Language Fund
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