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Foreign Policy and

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           It must be human nature to like those who are like us. If we were
traveling internationally, we would gravitate toward those who speak our
language and practiced our culture. We would especially like those who are
within our background or career.

            The problem with human nature is that we expect others to
assimilate, speak our language and practice our culture, when they are on
our lands. Or we tend not to like them! It would stand to reason that others
expect us to assimilate onto their lands - speak the same language and
practice the same culture. Or they will not like us! We have Americans all
over the world, such as the military or business leaders. We may have some
Americans who can speak fluent (fill in the blank language) where they are
stationed or representing. However a lot of languages are hard to say, such
as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.

           The following are ideas to increase the reputation of the United
States across the world in the long run.

   1. Start teaching foreign languages that are especially in demand such
   as Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Korean at an early age. Begin in preschool
   and continue with after school language clubs all through 12th grade. For
   those who continue learning the language after high school, scholarships
   could be offered through college.
   2. Let us appoint the next Ambassador to the United Nations someone
   who can speak at least 4 foreign languages (Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and
   3. Let us appoint Ambassadors to certain "hot spot" countries with
   someone who can speak the language, know the culture, and who has the "right
   background." We are supposed to be race and gender blind; however in some
   countries, it may make a big difference.

              To find the right Ambassadors to the U.N and various
countries, we could recruit them through our Military Officers Club or our
vast University System. It is human nature to like those who are like us!
Therefore, perhaps with some of these changes to foreign policy - we may
reduce and cool the "hot spots" around the world.
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