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Romanian President: learn Romanian or leave the

The whole population will be obliged to take a Romanian language exam if the
Romanian Parliament adopts a new bill proposed by the Conservative Party.
According to the draft everybody will be obliged to know the official
language of the country.  "If someone does not speak Romanian, he or she
will have to learn it, as he or she will have no other choice if he or she
wants to live in Romania", said Dan Voiculescu, President of the
Conservative Party (PC).

More bilingual signs in Germany- but idea of German signs in southern
Denmark sparks controversy
A new ruling by the German Ministry of Infrastructure paves the way for more
bilingual place-name signs in Germany. The areas affected by the new rules
will be the northernmost state (Bundesland) of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein,
where autochthonous Frisians, Danes and Low-Germans live.  While bilingual
signs have already been erected in many traditional Frisian-speaking
communities, there are, as yet, no signs in Danish and Low-German.

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