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Alaska Native Language Center *Established in 1972 by state legislation as a
center for documentation and cultivation of the state's 20 Native languages.
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*Announcements *(updated June 9, 2007)   Dena'ina Topical Dictionary by
James Kari

This is a topical dictionary of one of the world's most geographically
unique language areas--the Dena'ina Athabascan language of Cook Inlet Basin
and the Southern Alaska Range. These vocabulary lists offer a panoramic view
of the central cultural and ecological concepts of the Dena'ina. In terms of
breadth of subjects, technical specificity and dialect coverage, this is the
most refined topical lexicon for an Alaska Native language as well as for a
language of the Athabascan family. Over one hundred Den'aina speakers have
contributed words to the book. Many chapters have been reviewed by
specialists in natural history or ethnology, and numerous sets of words are
presented with illustrations and labeled diagrams. A goal for this book has
been to position the Dena'ina topical materials at the intersection of
ethnology and linguistics.

$49 plus s&h
ISBN: 978-1-55500-091-2
402 pp., 32 chapters, 198 illustrations and maps, 8630 entries, c. 12,100
word forms

ANLC Archive Collections now searchable online!

  Alaska Native Language Manuscript Collections
<>held at the ANLC Archive are being
catalogued in an online searchable database. To date, 14 of the collections
have been described and catalogued, including the Aleut, Central Alaskan
Yupik, Deg Xinag, Dena'ina, Gwich'in, Han, Holikachuk, Inupiaq, Tanacross,
Tanana, Upper Tanana, Upper Kuskokwim, Comparative Eskimo-Aleut, and
Bergsland collections. The Inupiaq and Central Alaskan Yupik collections are
only partially entered to date. The database is being edited and corrected
daily for errors. The website includes user information, finding aids, and
searchable catalog of manuscript holdings; the audio collection may also be
searched, although many recordings have not yet been entered and no finding
aids are available.

Haida Dictionary published

Cover art by Robert Davidson
The Haida Dictionary by John Enrico is as complete a record as is possible
of the language. Haida is spoken in two major dialects: Southern and
Northern on the Queen Charlotte Islands in Canada, with an Alaskan variant
of Northern at Hydaburg and Ketchikan. Published in two volumes, this
definitive work provides full coverage of the vocabulary, including variant
forms, word class, and examples of usage. Appendices offer detailed
information on phonology, semantics of verbs, meanings of classifiers,
numbers, and kin terms. An English-to-Haida index with about 7,000 items is
a ready tool for finding specific Haida words with reference to the full
dictionary entries. The Haida Dictionary will be valued by language teachers
and learners. It is a master reference from which academic linguists may
further examine the relationship of Haida to other language families, and
educators may develop teaching materials for classrooms at every level.
Published jointly by ANLC and the Sealaska Heritage Foundation. $279 cloth,
ISBN 1-55500-087-8 2 vols., 8.5 x 11, lix + 2126 pp.

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