Conference: Language, Urbanization, and Ethnic Identities

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Language, Urbanization, and Ethnic Identities
Short Title: LUEI-ICAES2008

Date: 16-Jul-2008 - 18-Jul-2008
Location: Kunming, China
Contact Person: Daming Xu
Meeting Email: xudaming at
Web Site:

Call Deadline: 15-Apr-2007

Meeting Description:

The colloquium is to discuss issues of language and ethnic identities in
the contexts of globalization and urbanization. In the world today we see
sweeping trends of industrialization and urbanization of unprecedented
scales.  These bring in tremendous amounts of population movement, ethnic
contact and mixture, and cross-cultural communication, and with all their
concatenated problems. A recently-developed field of research, Urban
Language Survey, as is called sometimes, is a cross-disciplinary attempt
to address the relevant issues, with a focus on the roles of language in
the dynamic process of urbanization.  Progress has been made in areas such
as typological studies of urban and rural language situations, the
formation process of urban speech communities, migrant speech communities,
communication problems in urban encounters, etc. These areas of study have
attracted researchers of different disciplines from various parts of the
world. The researchers address questions of general linguistics and
sociolinguistics, while keeping a practical interest in upholding cultural
diversity and ethnic harmony.  The colloquium is part of ICAES16.

Abstracts are invited for 20-minute talks (followed by 10 minutes for
questions)  addressing any topic in the area of ''Language, Urbanization,
and Cultural Diversity.'' Related issues are also welcome.

Submission Guidelines:
-- Abstracts (and talks) may be in English or Chinese.
-- Authors may submit only one abstract for the Conference.
-- Send one copy of a one page abstract for review.
-- Abstract may be submitted only by E-mail. (Please submit the abstract
	as an  attachment. Use WORD format, Times New Roman Font, 12-point font
	size. In the body of your E-mail include the following information: title of paper,
	name, academic affiliation, address, E-mail, phone and fax number.)
-- Deadline: All submissions must be received by April 15, 2007.

Send submissions to:
Yang Yuguo: gxyyg at
Wang Ling: njsabrina at

For further information, please visit:


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