Alberta, Canada: Natives Shocked and Appalled by Language

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Alexander Gaming Commission, Alexander First Nation

MARCH 26, 2007 - 13:41 ET

Natives Shocked and Appalled by Language

Call for Alberta Solicitor General's Immediate Apology

ALEXANDER FIRST NATION, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - March 26, 2007) -

Chief Ray Arcand and Council of Alexander First Nation, along with
Alexander Gaming Commission, are shocked and appalled by the language used
by Alberta Solicitor General Fred Lindsay. Of particular concern is Mr.
Lindsay's comment "I'm not concerned about another Oka," quoted in the
March 23rd article "Top cop ready to charge native band," authored by Doug
Beazley, published in the Edmonton Sun. Mr. Lindsay's comment fails to
recognize the important historical meaning of the Oka Crisis and is
irresponsibly antagonistic and racist.

"We believe his comments may very well breach Section 319 of the Criminal
Code of Canada, and we call upon Mr. Lindsay to immediately retract his
comments and issue an apology, along with an apology from the Alberta
Government," said Chief Arcand. "If Mr. Lindsay fails to withdraw and
apologize for his comments, we will ask the appropriate authorities to
investigate and consider what steps should be taken. The laws of the land
must also apply to the Solicitor General". The people of Alexander First
Nation are peacefully engaged in a new high tech business venture on their
land. Mr. Lindsay's reference to the Oka Crisis is an attempt by the
Solicitor General to avoid addressing his department's failure to have its
own internet gaming policy or regulations and his failure to admit that
Alexander First Nation is within its traditional and Constitutionally
protected rights to regulate gaming and other activities on its own lands.

"The Solicitor General has repeatedly refused or ignored our requests for
a meeting to discuss any concerns he might have, yet, according to the
Supreme Court of Canada, these sorts of issues should be discussed and
negotiated, said Chief Arcand. "Does Mr. Lindsay believe he is above the
law and can ignore the repeated direction of the Supreme Court?" Instead
of having discussions, Mr. Lindsay has chosen to use inflammatory language
via the news media to air his views, and in so doing, may incite hatred
toward Alexander First Nation and First Nation people.

Alexander First Nation is proud of its newly completed state-of-the-art
data center. This is a high tech Native business initiative, employing
members of the First Nation community as well as non-members, bringing
much needed employment and skills training to the area. "This is a
business issue and a jurisdictional issue, not a criminal matter", said
Chief Arcand. "We have told the Province repeatedly and Mr. Lindsay is
well aware that the business of the data center is no different than any
other data centre in the province - it sells power and internet bandwidth.
That's the extent of the business operations of Alexander Internet
Technologies, but the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission and the
Solicitor General continue to spread misinformation through the media
about our operations."

About Alexander First Nation

Alexander First Nation, party to Treaty No. 6 with the Government of
Canada signed in 1876, is located 20 minutes from downtown Edmonton.
Covering 7280 hectares, with a population of 1,550 registered members,
Alexander First Nation is a member of the First Nations of Alberta. For
more information see, and on the hosted data
center see

About Alexander Gaming Commission

The Alexander Gaming Commission regulates and controls gaming activities
conducted within and from the Alexander First Nation under the highest
principles of honesty and integrity. For more information see


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