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Subject: Language-classical language categorising certain languages -Applying world heritage commision yardstick a possible solution for deciding the status of a language - Reg

The government of India under the leadership of our enlightended prime minister have declared Tamil language as classical language and also consituted a committe of experts in order to meet the future demands of certain language proofs to accord classical status. Subsequent to the formation of the above experts committe, government also accoreded classical status to Sanskrit language.
I learn through the news papers that the \"kannada\" scholars prof. Javere gowda and some others have started issuing statements that they are going to launch agitation and fast unto death if they demands are not met with ie., Kannada should be declared as classical language on par with Tamil language. As rightly pointed out by prof. George Hart though he awares \"the richness of the modern Indian languages they are among the most and fecund productive languages on earth, each having begotten a modern(often madieval) literature that can stand with any of the major literatures of the world. Yet none of them is classical language\". The above statement is also applicable in the case of Kannada language also. In this connection I wish to draw your attention to the statement of the eminent scholar and linguist late prof. T.P Meenakshisundaranar\" He states \"Among the Dravidian vernaculars, all the cultural languages other than Tamil have been getting themselves merged more and !
 more in the sanskrit language itself. It is tamil which has resisted the course from the vary beginning of its contacts to the present day . Whilst therefore, the other units have become one with the circulating and digestive system of the sanskrit organism, Tamil unit retains its individuality and to continue the comparision, Whilst the north Indian culture has developed in to a respiratory and digestive organs, the south Indian culture has developed in to its cerebrum, controlling all the voluntary and involuntary systems of the great living organisam of Indian thought\".
I wish to bring to the notice of the expert committe that the similar demands were placed before the UNESCO world heritage (monument) committe to accord world heritage (monument) status to Brihadisvara temple at Gangaikondacholapuram in Perambalur district and Airavatesvara temple at Darasuram in Tanjavur district and committe deliberated on it and stated that the above mentioned two temples represent pure form of Dravidian type of temple and an \"exceptional and most outstanding testmony to the development of the architecture of the chola empire and Tamil Civilization in south India. They have been classified under the heading \"Great living chola temples\" and considered mere extension of the 1987 inscribed site of the Big or Brihadisvara temple in Tanjavur. Hence the committe rejected the request to accord world heritage status to the above mentioned two temples.
On the basis of above analogy the committe may consider the Kannada language as an offshoot or extension of a tradition and categorize and inscribe as great Indian language instead of classical language.

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