Conference: Foreign Language-Medium Studies in Tertiary Education

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Mon May 7 14:32:15 UTC 2007

Foreign Language-Medium Studies in Tertiary Education: Opportunity for
Language Learning and Gateway to European Mobility.

The seminar will discuss the effect of FL-medium intstruction on adult
students' language learning in academic contexts, the need for language
teacher intervention, optimal language attainment in FL-medium learning
environments and the issue of promoting FL-medium teaching units in
universities and polytechnics.

Foreign Language-Medium Studies in Tertiary Education: Opportunity for
Language Learning and Gateway to European Mobility.

Most universities and polytechnics in many parts of the world offer part
of their teaching through a foreign language (usually English) - either in
the form of degree programs or shorter teaching modules of units. What
happens to the learner in these programs in terms of language attainment?
Is there need for optimizing the pedagogical arrangements? Should more
flexible FL-medium options be provided and how?

In our seminar, we will explore issues related to these topical questions.
Whether your interests are research projects or sharing experience - or
just networking - you will be very welcome to attend. We also provide a
concrete hands-on workshop for those interested in hands-on action on
implementing and improving FL-medium teaching modules.  Besides our
research and teaching personnel giving presentations related to local
experience, we are pleased to have professor Sauli Takala, a well-known
expert on European language policy, as the key-note speaker

The main themes covered in presentations and workshops include the

- Language attainment in FL-medium environments in light of current
	research knowledge
- Interaction between implicit and explicit knowledge
- Subject teacher's and language teacher's role in students's language
- Different models of FL-Medium Instruction
- FL-medium modules and European funding

If you do not wish to present a paper but would like active participation,
there will be workshops to attend.

More complete information on program, fees and registration: or contact: eeva.rauto at
tel. +35-840-843-1567.


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