US: English first Strongly Backs Inhofe National Language Act

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Wed May 9 12:38:10 UTC 2007

English First Strongly Backs Inhofe National Language Act

    SPRINGFIELD, Va., May 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- English First today
strongly endorsed Senator James Inhofe's National Language Act (S.1335).
English First Executive Director Jim Boulet, Jr., called the Inhofe bill
"restoring common sense to 21st century America's language policy."
Senator Inhofe's legislation is virtually identical to his original
"English First" amendment to the Senate immigration bill. The Inhofe
amendment passed on May 18, 2006, by a vote of 63-34.  The major
difference between the bill and the amendment is that the Inhofe amendment
did not address the foreign language ballot issue. The Inhofe legislation,
if passed, would specifically ban foreign language ballots.

    Both the Inhofe amendment and the Inhofe bill would repeal Clinton
Executive Order 13166, which requires all recipients of federal funds to
function in any language anyone speaks at any time.  The Inhofe
legislation, if passed and signed into law, would also put an end to the
lawsuit by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the
Salvation Army.

    "The EEOC has sued the Salvation Army for basically not exploiting
people," Boulet said. "The Salvation Army chose to ask its employees to
learn English, rather than linger in a linguistic ghetto."  Mr. Boulet is
available for interviews on this topic. Contact Stacy Woods at (703)
321-8818 to arrange an interview.


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