Moli ère's language will be protected in Quebec

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 Molière's language will be protected in Quebec: Liberals Last Updated:
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Quebec's new language minister says she intends to apply the province's
tough language laws using a zero tolerance policy. "The question of the
French language, it's a priority for our government," said Christine
St-Pierre, minister responsible for the Charter of the French Language.
"It's also a priority for Premier [Jean] Charest." "There will be zero
tolerance on questions of the French language. We will be present, we will
monitor and we will apply the law." St-Pierre issued the dictum in response
to a question from Parti Québécois MNA Pierre Curzi, who raised the language
question at the national assembly on Thursday.

French remains fragile in Quebec's cosmopolitan areas, especially Montreal,
and the government has a role to play to ensure its primacy, said Curzi.
"It's so easy in our environment, which is essentially English, to slide
away, and especially in Montreal, where there are so many people coming from
everywhere." Quebec's Charter of the French Language, known as Bill 101,
spells out the rules for using French in Quebec public spaces, workplaces
and institutions.
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