Yushchenko Calls Ukraine a Country Without Opposites

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Yushchenko Calls Ukraine a Country Without Opposites10.05.2007___ translated
by Halyna Bondaruk

 President Viktor Yushchenko states nothing, including language or faith,
cannot divide Ukraine and break its sovereignty.

In his speech before patients of Ukrainian State Medical and Social Centre
of War Veterans in Tsybli village, Kyiv region, he mentioned some political
forces are speculating on these issues, especially before the elections.

"Our country has great diversity. However, our country does not have
opposites. Neither faith, history, nor language policy problems can divide
us as a wise nation," stressed Mr. Yushchenko.

"We are united nation despite history, though we remember it very well," he
remarked and added that for a long time one part of Ukraine "was under one
state, another – under other states, though it was a history."

"Today we speak about united Ukrainian nation with historical wealth of
present generation and our time," added Mr. Yushchenko.


See source in Ukrainian <http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2007/5/9/58481.htm>
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