Florida: "Press One for English" song offends many at awards banquet

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Mon May 14 13:13:00 UTC 2007


A song called Press One for English offended many audience members
including elected officials at a law enforcement awards banquet in Plant
City. Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White says the song's lyrics
contained anti-immigrant themes and urged non-English speakers to leave
the United States. The song was performed by a Kentucky-based husband and
wife duet called The Rivoli Revue. They were hired as entertainment for
Tuesdays East Hillsborough Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner. Doug Gibbs
the treasurer of the committee the organized the dinner says he's sorry
that the performance overshadowed a worthy cause.

Gibbs told the St. Petersburg Times: We are sorry that we offended some of
the people by their song. I can honestly say I did not hear that song.
>>From what I understand, it was inappropriate. The Rivoli Revue could not
be reached.

Press One For English

Hey, I cant read that sign out there please tell me whats it say
We have to have sub-titles in five languages these days
Now we don't ask too much to share this land of liberties
But if its not too much to ask could you please speak English

Chorus: English is my language its the language of this land
And every sign thats posted here I should understand
I do not live in China, Mexico, no foreign place
And English is the language of The United States

Now Ill speak very clear for you so there'll be no mistake
My family fought and died protecting freedoms in these states
Now we all welcome those who come but when you reach our shores
Folks you should speak our language not the one you spoke before

Repeat Chorus
Now I'm proud of this country and this great democracy
And I believe an open door should be our policy
But for these opportunities wed simply ask you this
Hey you're the one who chose to come now choose to speak English

Now heres one thing I question and try to understand
Hey why must I press one for English
When its the language of this land

Repeat Chorus
I do not live in China, Mexico, no foreign place
And English is the language, of these United States.



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