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  *Catalan Language News 18 - May 2007*        *WHO ARE WE?*
 The Catalan Language Observatory was set up in 2004 by cultural
organisations from all the Catalan-speaking lands, with the purpose of
monitoring the Catalan language rigorously and objectively.

 *The following organisations a re members of the Observatory:*
· Acció Cultural del País Valencià <>
· Associació de Juristes per la llengua
· Casal Jaume I de Fraga <>
· Casal Jaume I de Perpinyà <>
· Centre Internacional Escarré per a les Minories Ètniques i les
· Centre Unesco de Catalunya <>
· Comitè de Seguiment de la Declaració Universal de Drets
· Consell de Col·legis d'Advocats de Catalunya <>
· Culturalnord <>
· Fundació Congrés de Cultura Catalana <>
· Institut Linguapax <>
· Obra Cultural Balear <>
· Observatori de la Universitat d'Alacant <>
· Omnium Cultural <>
· Omnium Cultural de l'Alguer <>
· Organització pel Multilingüisme <>
· Plataforma per la llengua <>

*With the support of:*
· Institute of Catalan
· Television of Catalonia <>
· IJLV <>- the Joan Lluís Vives Institute -, whose
members are the following universities:
- Abat Oliba CEU University<>
- Autonomous University of
- International University of Catalonia <>
- Jaume I University <>
- Miguel Hernández University <> (Elx)
- Open University of Catalonia <>
- Pompeu Fabra University <>
- Ramon Llull University <>
- Rovira i Virgili University <>
- Technical University of Catalonia <>
- Technical University of Valencia <>
- University of Alacant <>
- University of Andorra <>
- University of the Balearic Islands <>
- University of Barcelona <>
- University of Girona <>
- University of Lleida <>
- University of Perpinyà <>
- University of Valencia <>
- University of Vic <>

*With the support of:*



 Generalitat de Catalunya <> Government
of Catalonia
Govern de les Illes Balears <> Government
of the Balearic Islands
Generalitat Valenciana<http://http//>Government
of the Valencian Community
Parlament de Catalunya<,33596&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL>Parliament
of Catalonia
IEC <> Institute of Catalan Studies
institut Ramon Llull <>

    *Fourteenth sentence in favour of the singular identity of the Catalan
in the Community of Valencia *

The Superior Court of Justice in the Community of Valencia, has handed down
a new ruling which endorses the singularity of the Catalan language and
overturns the regulations the Valencian government intended to impose aimed
at establishing a linguistic secession, that is to say, to treat
Valencian<>as if it were a
language different to
Catalan <>.
The point in contention was the non-recognition of a degree title in Catalan
Philology, which would credit knowledge of the proper language of the
Community of Valencia, needed by people presenting for public examinations
to gain posts as teachers in primary and secondary education, and the
Official Language School (EOI). The appeal was lodged by Acció Cultural del
País Valencià <>, the Valencian cultural
Association with membership of more than 10.000, and which has, as part of
its aims the defence of the language and cultural and natural heritage of
the Valencian people.
In recent years the Valencian government of the Conservative Partit Popular,
has, when calling for public competitions for teaching positions, insisted
on presenting Valencian as a language different to Catalan and not as a
variety of that language, in open contradiction to the universities,
scientific body and the very institution of linguistic reference which was
created by the Generalitat itself, the Academy of the Valencian
As such, with these directives, the government of Valencia not only acted
contrary to academic and scientific dictates had also contrary to Spanish
law (which recognises one single degree title in Catalan Philology), and
against Spanish jurisprudence on all levels. In fact, both the Constitutional
the Spanish Supreme Court have handed down separate sentences which
recognise the singularity of the Catalan language despite the fact that in
Valencian legislation this language is termed as Valencian.










Furthermore, apart from these two judicial rulings, the Tribunal of Justice
in Valencia itself has handed down rulings on twelve occasions regarding the
same question: the non-recognition of the university degree in Catalan
Philology, which, amongst other universities is also taught in Valencian
universities <> themselves. Quite
obviously, it is because of this insistence on the part of the Valencian
government in ignoring judicial rulings that the sentence strongly reproves
these continued efforts by the government of Valencia, and its irrational
postures contrary to the singularity of the Catalan language: "Purely the
fact that in its obstinacy in ignorance and th e refusal to accept
scientific criteria which endorses the singularity of the language is
manifest as the only reason to maintain a contrary position on the part of
the Generalitat (of Valencia), and even more so given that there exist
numerous jurisdictional rulings disavowing these arguments, has forced his
Tribunal to make reference to one of the most elemental pillars of the State
of Law which is consecrated in our Constitution; that being the legal
mperative to comply with judicial sentences andrulings,especially on the
part of the public administration, which must serve the general
interestobjectively." In its ruling the Tribunal of Justice in the Community
Valencia once again affirms that a degree in Catalan Philology "clearly
endorses the knowledge of the language of this autonomous community, which
is termed officially as Valencian in its Statute of Autonomy, and
academically as Catalan.

   <> <>

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