Wales: Anglesey homes for locals plan

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Mon May 21 13:19:38 UTC 2007

Anglesey homes for locals plan

The Isle of Anglesey County Council aims to introduce a bold new planning
policy change to ensure local people can live in their own communities and
help protect the Welsh language. Island planners believe their new interim
planning policy will address concerns that current guidelines don't do
enough to help local people find homes in their own communities. It should
also respond to calls for the Authority to review work undertaken in
relation to groups of houses in the countryside and in terms of national

The new policy, which could be in force as soon as September, is now the
focus of a public consultation. The changes already have the unanimous
backing of all Anglesey's 40 councillors. Planning portfolio holder,
Councillor Hefin Thomas, explained, "There's a huge sense of frustration
amongst Planning Committee members as they're frequently criticised for
supporting departure applications from local people who just want to live
in their own communities. National planning policy already allows for a
more flexible approach, so we feel we have to make changes." He added,
"This new interim policy has been specifically designed to meet the
desires of local people who want to live in their own communities and
support the Welsh way of life and language. It will also undoubtedly help
plug the gap which exists between the current Anglesey Development Plan
and the new Local Development Plan (LDP) which should come into force in

The Planning Service now wants to know what the public thinks about its
new proposal. All comments will be taken into account when the Executive
considers the policy, which will also need the approval of Full Council.
The County Council also wants public feedback on two other planning policy
documents. These involve further guidance on Holiday Accommodation and
Welsh Language Impact Assessments. Further information is available on the
Council's website (, County Offices and in local
libraries. The consultation period ends on June 13th, 2007.


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