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Mon May 21 14:12:19 UTC 2007

Members of this list may be interested in visiting this page, devoted to a
project to digitize historic American newspapers, and funded by a grant
from the US National Endowment for the Humanities.  The list of papers
being digitized does not include non-English sources, but it Library of
Congress site does list the whereabouts of many non-English newspapers.

This site lists holdings identified by the LC, and gives a language
pull-down menu. Click on the "Find" option and then scroll down to
(  A
click on "German", for example, brings up 258 results, the first 6 of
which are:

1. Der hoch-deutsch pensylvanische Geschicht-Schreiber, oder, Sammlung
wichtiger Nachrichten, aus dem Natur- und Kirchen-Reich ([Germantown, Pa)
1739 - 1745
Language: German

2. Pensylvanische Berichte, oder, Sammlung wichtiger Nachrichten aus dem
Natur-und Kirchen-Reich ([Germantown, Pa) 1746 - 1762
Language: German

3. Hoch-deutsche pensylvanische Berichte, oder, Sammlung wichtiger
Nachrichten aus dem Natur- und Kirchen-Reich ([Germantown, Pa) 1745 - 1746
Language: German

4. Pensylvanische Fama, oder: Ordentliche Relation derer einlauffenden
Neuigkeiten ([Philadelphia] Pa) 174? - 1751
Language: German

5. Die Hoch teutsche und englische Zeitung = The High-Dutch and English
gazette (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1751 - 1752
Language: German

6. Die Germantowner Zeitung, oder, Sammlung wahrscheinlicher Nachrichten
aus dem Natur- und Kirchen-Reich; wie auch, auf das gemeine beste
angesehene nutzliche Unterrichte und Anmerkungen (Germantown [Pa.]) 176? -
1775 Language: German

Further searching reveals where these items are held, e.g. in the
Historical Soc of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, whether viewable as
original, or on microfilm, and with date ranges.

In other words, these "ethnic" newspapers are not among those  being
digitized, but at least their whereabouts are catalogued and researchers
wishing to see them will know where to find them.



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