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Language Documentation, University of Oregon

The University of Oregon Department of Linguistics and the Northwest Indian
Language Institute (NILI) announce the 2007 session in Language
June 25 - July 20 2007, Eugene, Oregon

As documenting languages takes on greater importance, there is a growing
need for well-trained fieldworkers who are prepared to collaborate with
community members. The UO Linguistics Department focuses on lesser-known
languages and empirical work. NILI has a ten-year history of working with
tribes, communities and endangered languages. We look forward to having you
join us!

Offered courses:

LING 410/510 : Language Documentation Methods
This course gives fieldworkers an overview of current language
documentation practices.

LING 408/508 : Language Documentation Lab
In this hands-on lab, students put documentation methods into practice.

LING 407/507 : Curriculum Design and Development
Students will learn how to produce useable teaching materials from
documented speech (in written, audio and video forms). Basic elements of
curriculum design and lesson planning will be taught.

LING 408/508 : Topics in Documentary Linguistics
This course covers some essential topics for fieldworkers-- Field
Phonetics, Ethical Issues in Field Work, Dictionary Writing, Methods for
Field Research.

More information about courses, enrollment, tuition, and housing for the
summer session in Language Documentation is available at
or contact us:

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