Wales: Swansea Council Confused About Road Signs

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Thursday, 4 October 2007 Swansea Council Confused About Road

Golwg reveals that Swansea Council has admitted that it *hasn't* received
permission from the Welsh Government to put up monoglot English signs on a
roundabout, despite claims made by a spokesperson last
he Heritage Minister, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, told Golwg on Tuesday *"It isn't
true that the government has given (Swansea Council) permission...The Welsh
Language Board is discussing the matter with Swansea Council."*

Swansea Council now aknowledges this, though it still seems to be in a state
of confusion on the matter.

*"An officer told me that perhaps permission had been given"* said Jason
Rogers, Council Communications Officer. *"But I hadn't confirmed that with
certainty as being the situation. So I got a bit of a shock reading Golwg's

Last week he told Golwg: *"It goes against the council's language policy but
the Assembly Government gave us special license to make the change"*.


Returning to the present, he (now) says: *"The situation has changerd
somewhat. But I don't in truth believe that the Assembly has given us
special permission.

I'm still working with officers in order to work out what the situation is."

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