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 Google News Alert for: *language policy*

Misplaced Trust<http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119205274505355129.html?mod=googlenews_wsj>
Wall Street Journal - USA
Both they and their ministers are apt to make confident, alarmist statements
which go well beyond the more guarded *language* of the Assessment Reports.
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Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by the Largest
SocialFunds.com - USA
This survey analyzes companies' disclosures in English (in the English-*
language* annual report and on the English-*language* company website)
during the time *...*
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Duceppe slams 'multiculturalism,' accuses Ottawa of failing to
Globe and Mail - Canada
"If the Canadian parties are coherent with this recognition, they must
understand that the Quebec nation and the French *language* go hand in
hand," Mr. *...*
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EPA Joins Settlement of Lawsuit but Adds a
Washington Post - United States
The *language* of the settlement indicates that the administration has not
wavered in its distaste for a Clinton-era *policy* of using the law to force
power *...*
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EDITORIAL: Good *policy* now, less trouble
Beloit Daily News - Beloit,WI,USA
The American Library Association lists it as one of the most challenged
books because of alleged "offensive *language*, sexual content and unsuited
to age *...*
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Estonia tongue-tied over *language*
Baltic Times - Riga,Latvia
The purpose of the conference is for *policy* makers to harvest feedback
from interest groups on a draft integration program. Flicking through the
summary *...*
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Google Blogs Alert for: *language policy*

Bipartisan Foreign *Policy* Leaders on Annapolis
By Daniel Levy
The text provides reasonable, meaningful and sufficiently detailed suggested
*language* for an agreement that could be announced at the conference. It
suggests that if the parties cannot reach this bilaterally, then the
international *...*
Prospects for Peace - http://www.prospectsforpeace.com/

Hispanic Students' Performance on
By Mary Ann Zehr
I take the opportunity here to relay a viewpoint by Richard Rothstein, a
former education columnist and a research associate at the Washington-based
Economic *Policy* Institute, that didn't make it into the Education Week
article about *...*
Learning the Language -

Pour aller a la
By Alix
I don't know quite how the decision was made to adopt a sort of whimsical
pidgeon French as our private *language*, but it was certainly a
*policy*which came dramatically unstuck when we went on holiday to
Bruges, and a
smattering of *...*

SEC Sends Lawyers Back to English
For starters, SEC chairman Christopher Cox will revisit the topic during his
keynote presentation later this week at the Center for Plain *Language* for
a conference entitled "Plain *Language*: Public *Policy* and Good Business."
Where else? *...*
Portfolio.com: Daily Brief - http://feeds.portfolio.com/portfolio/dailybrief

Current biofuel *policies* are protectionist pork, report
By Marlo Lewis
A new report by the International Trade & Agriculture *Policy* Council (IPC)
examines the "early lessons" from US and EU biofuels *policy*. The report's
*language* is bland, but the gist is clear. US and EU *policies* are
protectionist pork for *...*
OpenMarket.org - http://www.openmarket.org <http://www.openmarket.org/>

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