TOC: The International Journal of Speech. Language and the Law Vol 14, No 1 (2007)

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The International Journal of Speech. Language and the Law Vol 14, No 1

Publisher: Equinox Publishing Ltd

Journal Title: The International Journal of Speech. Language and the Law
Volume Number: 14
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2007


Quantifying evidence in forensic authorship analysis
Tim Grant 1-25

Taboo terms in a sexual abuse criminal trial
Burns Cooper 27-50

The pragmatic use of gender in Latina women's legal narratives of abuse
Shonna Trinch 51-83

Linguistic Manipulations in Legal Discourse: Framing questions and
Michelle Aldridge, June Luchjenbroers 85-107

Non-contemporary speech samples: auditory detectability of an 11 year delay
its effect on automatic speaker identification
Hermann J. Künzel 109-136


Position Statement concerning use of impressionistic likelihood terms in
forensic speaker comparison cases, with a foreword by Peter French & Philip
Peter French, Philip Harrison 137-144

Thesis Abstracts

Forensic automatic speaker recognition using Bayesian interpretation and
statistical compensation for mismatched conditions
Anil Alexander 145-147

'Speak English or what?' Code switching and interpreter use in New York
Claims Courts
Philipp Sebastian Angermeyer 147-150

Examining jurors' discursive exchanges related to mitigating factors during
capital jury deliberations
Desiree Cassar 150-154

An acoustic study on disguised voices
Cuiling Zhang 154-156

Book Reviews

Diana Yankova (2004) Legal Language Made Simple: Statutory Provisions in
and Bulgarian
Bilyana Martinovski 157-160

Book Notices

Christopher Williams, Tradition and Change in Legal English: Verbal
Constructions in Prescriptive Texts.Bern: Peter Lang. ISBN 3–03910–644–9
Chris Heffer 161

Katrijn Maryns, The Asylum Speaker: Language in the Belgian Asylum
Procedure.Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing. ISBN 1–900650–89–4 (paperback)
Chris Heffer 161

Sanford Schane, Language and the Law
London: Continuum. ISBN 0–8264–8828–5 (hardback)
Chris Heffer 162
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