book notice: The Use of English in Institutional and Business Settings: An Intercultural Perspective

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The Use of English in Institutional and Business Settings: An
Intercultural Perspective Series Title: Linguistic Insights. Studies in
Language and Communication.  Vol. 34 Published: 2007 Publisher: Peter Lang
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Editor: Giuliana Garzone
Editor: Cornelia Ilie

This book explores the intercultural problems related to the widespread
use of English in written and oral communication by native and non-native
speakers in institutional and business settings. Each chapter looks at a
different set of issues emerging from the confrontation of cultures across
national, institutional and organizational discourse communities, taking
an intercultural or cross-cultural approach. The focus is on workplace
settings, both in institutional and business contexts (e.g. politics,
public services, media, international corporate communication,
advertising, business negotiations, etc.). The theme is all the more
interesting today not only in consideration of the sheer magnitude of this
phenomenon and its capillary spread, but above all on account of the
pervasive penetration of English into professional and workplace contexts
as a communication language also for local/internal communication. The
complexity of intercultural communication as an object of research is
reflected in the variety of the topics explored, the range of settings
investigated, and the diversity of methodological approaches taken.


Giuliana Garzone: Introduction - Paola Catenaccio: Constructing Identities
in the Fashion Industry: Building Brand and Customer Image through Press
Releases - Delia Chiaro: A Question of Taste: Translating the Flavour of
Italy - Marinel Gerritsen/Catherine Nickerson/Corine van den Brandt/Rogier
Crijns/Nuri Dominguez/Frank van Meurs/Ulrike Nederstigt: English in Print
Advertising in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands: Frequency of
Occurrence, Comprehensibility and the Effect on Corporate Image - Cornelia
Ilie:  British, 'Consensus' vs. Swedish 'Samfrstnd' in Parliamentary
Debates - Daniela Wawra: On Course for the Next Stage of Success: the
Annual Reports of U.S. and Japanese Companies - Kumiko Murata: The
Discourses of Pro- and Anti-Whaling in the British and Japanese News
Editorials: A Comparative Cultural Perspective - Maria Cristina Paganoni:
Recontextualizing Language:  Indian Activists and the Recasting of English
- Stefanie Zilles Pohle:  Offers in Irish English and German Business
Negotiations: A Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Analysis - Grahame T. Bilbow:
Speaking and not Speaking Across Cultures - Ora-Ong Chakorn: Written
Business Invitations: A Cross-Cultural Rhetorical Analysis - Gina Poncini:
Communicating within and across Professional Worlds in an Intercultural
Setting - Carmen Valero Garcs/Bruce Downing: Modes of Communication
between Suppliers of Services and Non-native English-speaking Users:
Doctor-Patient Interaction - Cynthia Kellett Bidoli: The Linguistics
Conference Setting: A Comparative Analysis of Intercultural Disparities
during English to Italian Sign Language Interpretation - Catherine
Nickerson: English as a Lingua Franca in Business Contexts: Strategy or


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