Recognition of Welsh as the Language of Wales

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Sat Sep 1 15:41:18 UTC 2007

Friday, 31 August 2007
Recognition of Welsh as the Language of Wales

Welsh is a medium of education in some purely Welsh schools, but the
majority of schools teach it as a subject and it is not the medium of
general instruction. Independence Cymru believes that this is not the
best way forward and that a bilingual policy should be introduced so
that children become truly bilingual in both languages. This would
mean a change in Assembly policy and we eagerly await their review.
Welsh schools appear to have a good reputation in terms of results and
behaviour and are popular.

We are awaiting, indeed demanding, a new Welsh Language Act to provide
equal status for the language in all aspects of Welsh life. Unless
readers are wondering why this blog is not written in Welsh, or is not
published as a bilingual blog, I would like to disarm them by saying
that my native language, English, in no way matches my knowledge of
Welsh, as well as the fact that the blog is being read worldwide and
caters for the interests of many who have no knowledge of Welsh.
Therefore it is written in the international language, English, and
not in the national language, Cymraeg.

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