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  Language debate in Slovakia
Budapest, 16/08/2007 by Judit Solymosi

Pal Csaky, President of the Party of the Hungarian Coalition in
Slovakia, intends to submit a written question to Prime Minister
Robert Fico to question whether the domestic and international legal
provisions ensuring the linguistic rights of Slovakian minorities can
be considered valid and effective.

Gaelic Microsoft Vista Consultation
Glaschu - Glasgow, 14/08/2007 by Màrtainn MacLeòid

The Microsoft Vista operating system is to be translated to Scottish
Gaelic. Speakers and learners of the language are being urged to
assist the project by contributing views to a consultation by national
Gaelic development agency Bòrd na Gàidhlig on the terminology used.

Hopes fade for Basque in Navarre as Miguel Sanz is re-elected
Donostia, 13/08/2007 by Edu Lartzanguren

"Stop the election fraud" read a banner held by some two hundred
people on Saturday afternoon at the gates of the Parliament of
Navarre, in Iruñea-Pamplona. Most of them were angry members of the
Navarrese Socialist Party (PSN) protesting against their own
representatives following the re-election of the controversial UPN
president Miguel Sanz as President of Navarre.

The dots join up! Web domain campaigns to work together
Penygroes, 12/08/2007 by Huw Jones

Campaigners for web domains for Brittany, Galizia, the Basque Country
and Wales are to meet in September in Santiago de Compostela (Galizia)
to look into the possibility of a coalition of bids to the
administrators of the Word Wide Web. [cy]

Institute for Minority Research to be launched in Romania
Budapest, 04/08/2007 by Judit Solymosi

Mr Attila Markó, head of the Office for Interethnic Relations of
Romania, has announced that a new Institute for Minority Research will
be launched in Kolozsvár -Cluj at the end of 2007.

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