Call for papers: Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics

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Wed Sep 5 16:51:40 UTC 2007

Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics Area
Short Title: 2008 PCAACA

Date: 19-Mar-2008 - 22-Mar-2008
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Contact Person: Patricia Donaher
Meeting Email:

Call Deadline: 09-Nov-2007

Meeting Description:

Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics Area
2008 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference
San Francisco Marriott - March 19-22, 2008

Call for Papers

The Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics Area of the Popular Culture
Association is seeking presentations on any language-related popular
culture topic, such as:
- the language attitudes of X (for example, new baby greeting cards, truck
- language and advertising or other media;
- professional, corporate, or other industry-related language;
- dialect, code-switching, or historical studies of language and language
- animal or extraterrestrial communication;
- language and education, including pedagogical approaches;
- gendered communication or other sociolinguistic topics;
- language and censorship;
- first and second language acquisition;
- any topic that relates to popular linguistics or language attitudes.

See the end of this message for a rundown on recent paper topics.

Paper length is 15 to 20 minutes, with four presenters per 90 minute session.

Send your presentation title and abstract (of up to 200 words), along with
your name, position/title, school/work address, phone number, and email
address to me at by November 9, 2007. For more
information, feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Patricia Donaher, Ph.D.
Area Chair, Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics
Assistant Professor of English
Dept of English
Missouri Western State University
4525 Downs Drive
St. Joseph, MO 64507

For further information about the conference, please visit the PCA/ACA
website at Topics in preceding years included the
- Judge Greg Mathis and his courtroom language
- Dialect and style shift in Loretta Lynn's Autobiography
- The language of Ludacris's lyrics''
- President Bush and the language of apology
- Language and culture in Chicana literature
- Language tyranny in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
- Role of Anglicisms in Russian advertisements
- Language of gambling in hard-boiled detective fiction
- Accent shifting and authenticity
- Perceptions of non-native speech in South Central Pennsylvania
- Rereading the politics of Black English
- Teacher's attitudes towards the Pittsburgh Variety
- Music language in L2 acquisition
- Acquisition of L2 idioms in children's television
- Japanese in the identity politics of anime
- Language attitudes and the standards debate
- language attitudes in female pop vocals
- use of English and French in point of purchase advertising
- ''with'' constructions in the Minnesota English dialect
- language attitudes in the New South
- the dynamics of verbal aggression
- male bonding through language
- dumb blonde jokes
- language attitudes in cartoons
- effects of instant messaging on student writing
- language on The Jerry Springer Show
- the language of technological crises
- translation and diplomacy during the American Revolution
- the language of financial statements

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